Kings Norton, Birmingham

Wharf Road, Kings Norton

Site Area - 1,494 sqm


Situated on a corner site near Wharf Road, Kings Norton, Gould Singleton Architects worked closely with the client to acquire successful planning permission for eight dwellings composed of 1 x 2-bed apartment and 7 x 3-bedroom houses. An existing residential property identified as 75 Wharf Road is to be demolished in order to allow the proposed sustainable development.

Approach & Methodology

Due to the nature of the site, the scheme posed many challenges with the proximity of the Birmingham Canal and towpath along with access from Wharf Road alongside a no-build zone as a result of a public sewer running directly through within the site boundary.

Discussions continued through pre-application stage to create an active frontage and harmonious design to the local area and help improve the vicinity aesthetic whilst adding character. The design provides an open grained urban approach helping to promote connectivity to the surrounding community.

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Communication between the planners and the Canals River Trust (CRT) became an important factor as the scheme developed. A restrictive covenant protected the development to safeguard the integrity of the waterway structure meaning limited access could be provided from the existing towpath to the new residential developments. Negotiations resulted in the covenant being lifted but restrictions still applied to the pedestrian access.


Revisions of the design proposal resolved the matter creating a parallel frontage to the canal with current access retained and improved for future use. This helped promote an engagement to a previously unused area of land.  A further landscape plan was detailed to protect the character and amenity of the site development.