Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

Midcounties Co-operative Society

Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire


Previously operating as a Harry Tuffin’s convenience store and petrol station, Midcounties Co-op acquired the 0.44acre site within Cleobury Mortimer with the intention of providing a new and improved modern purpose built facility.

With the previous building in a poor state with no identifiable entrance and minimal facilities the new store now provides a strong contemporary definition to the high street with improved parking and petrol forecourt for customer use.

Approach & Methodology

Selecting the location of the new building was a leading factor in the process with the design intended to be set further back than that of the existing building which was demolished. It was essential that high visibility to the front elevation was maintained and improved appearance of the central focal point which would be the high quality glazed façade of the new store.

A key aspect to the design was the separation of the servicing vehicles away from the existing residential units on the western boundary; this being No. 6 High Street and No. 16 Vaughan Road. It was proposed that deliveries will be made on the western boundary between the new building and the existing retained building.

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Design Process

A simple mass creates the new convenience store footprint with a duo-pitched roof and defined central ridge line. The new petrol filling station canopy is positioned directly in front of the store however it was designed to be at a higher level than currently exists on site so as to create a more open space feel for customers and strengthen the front elevation to the high street.

On approach to the building, the main frontage to the building has a high degree of glazing, giving an opportunity for customers and passers-by to have a connection with the internal activity.

Internally the store is designed to maximise efficiency and flow for both employees and customers. The main retail floor is positioned to the front of the building with approximately one-third of the rear of the building being used for staff amenity areas, back-up fridges and stock.

Little customer parking previously existed however improved external works now provide a one-way system parking layout that sweeps around the exterior of the building

Gould Singleton were the Architects and lead designers for our new Midcounties Co-operative Society Head Office. As Project manager for the Society, I worked closely with their team as they guided the process through all aspects from conception & design right the way through to completion. The control, reporting and communication by Gould Singleton throughout all stages was a notable and successful example of best practice in construction project management. The project had many stakeholders, including colleagues of the Society who we wanted to ensure were heavily involved in aspects of the design work. Gould Singleton led the design team, worked collaboratively with all with the stakeholders to deliver a build on time and on budget that fully met our original brief