Hadley Industries, Gaitskell Way

Hadley Industries

Gaitskell Way, Smethwick


Hadley Industries currently own and operate a production facility with associated office buildings with car and commercial vehicle parking areas and purchased the adjacent property with the intention of expanding their existing operation. The site is located to the south of Dartmouth Road, west of Lewisham Park approximately 2.5 km south west of West Bromwich Town Centre.

Hadley Industries had a need to expand their existing production operation and associated management and administrative facilities on the site. To facilitate this expansion, the existing buildings on the site will be demolished. The existing production facilities will be extended by the construction of portal framed additions of the same height and appearance as the existing build.

Approach & Methodology

The design of the extension to the existing production facilities simply extends the form and appearance of the existing building. More consideration was given to the design of the new office building facing Dartmouth Road with a number of different approaches undertaken before the final submitted version.

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Design Approach

In order to have a visual connection between the production floor and the office building, the entry level of the office building is raised to the same level as the production floor. There are two upper floors of office accommodation above the ground floor. The second floor has two area of non-enclosed plant deck which extends over the roof of the adjacent production facility extension to both sides of the central atrium.